Carbon Products Manufacturer: Fine Carbon Limited

We produce these carbon & graphite products:

  • Carbon Materials & Components
    • Carbon Electrodes
    • Cathodes and Furnace Linings
    • Equipment Solutions and Services
    • Fine Grain Graphite
    • Expanded Graphite
    • Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Carbon and Felt
    • Carbon Fibers
    • Carbon Composite Materials
    • Carbon Composite Components
  • Graphite Materials and & Components
    • Graphite Electrode & Nipple
    • Graphite Tube
    • Graphite Ring
    • Graphite Felt
    • Graphite Plate
    • Graphite Block
    • Graphite Rod
    • Graphite Mold
    • Graphite Crucible
    • Graphite Powder
    • Graphite Heaters
  • Activated Carbon Materials
    • Anthracite Filter Material
    • Spherical Activated Carbon
    • Water treatment Activated Carbon
    • Water Purification Activated Carbon
    • Air Purification Activated Carbon
    • Carrier/Impregnated Activated Carbon
    • Protective Activated Carbon
    • Solvent Recovery Activated Carbon
    • Decoloring Activated carbon
    • Desulfuration Activated Carbon
    • Silver Impregnated Activated Carbon
    • Powder Activated Carbon
    • Granular Activated Carbon
    • High Adsorptive Activated Carbon
    • Pellet Activated Carbon

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About us:

Fine Carbon Limited is engaged in the production of various carbon and graphite products especially focus on graphite electode & nipple, carbon fiber, carbon block and carbon rods, etc..

Fine Carbon Limited have three subsidiary factories which located in Shandong, Shanghai and Changsha, our company is situated in Changsha which takes about 20 minutes for driving from our office to Changsha Huanghua International Airport.

We provide quality carbon & graphite products, acceptable prices and prompt service. Our main export products are as follows: graphite electrode, graphite plate, graphite block, carbon fiber, carbon composite materials. we also produce various purposes of activated carbon materials such as anthracite filter material, spherical activated Carbon, water treatment activated carbon, air purification activated carbon and so on.

In particular, we are a leading exporter in the field of carbon & graphite products. We can provide professional service from raw material supply to design, final production for carbon components, graphite components and a lot of activated carbon materials.

Rooted & based on scientific management, we have a modern production management system, and a group of high level professionals, we have already established favorable relationships with many customers from all over the world.